May 2017

Political correctness –hurtful or harmful? Maybe always, maybe just now because my eyes are wide open but political correctness is creeping in everywhere, even into my world at home and my world of real estate.  Way back when our real estate careers started – Wayno Kennedy (pop) who rides high on my most admired list and I headed off to a home that literally had the floor moving with mess and mice.  And Wayno told them it was a mess and left quickly and I remember thinking we can’t say that and had this overwhelming want to soften the ‘blow’ with an alternative approach – but retrospectively why…? Why now do we have a need to rationalise, sugar coat and avoid offending people..? Is it to seek harmony over the truth?  This occurred again recently after a parent teacher interview whereby my girls and I sat and listened to their teacher tell us that effort and enthusiasm were great so let’s celebrate, - but driving home our ...

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April 2017

This month my favourite sale has been a small block of land to a young woman and I wondered why this brought me more happiness or sense of pride than a waterfront result. Is it because I am raising three young women and one of my hopes for them is independent financial freedom..? partially yes but I’ve decided it wouldn’t have mattered male or female or her age it was actually her can do attitude, while those around her could quietly erode her desire and her determination she went against the status quo and did what others don’t and because of that in years to follow she will not say “I should have..” She knows that we need to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves such as the first home owners grant, as they say opportunity knock’s but we must open the door… This young girl is not just dreaming about what if, could I, should I, she has acted out her goal. And her goal has come to life because of the consistent discipline...

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March 2017

I’ve been talking to myself about ‘blogging’ for nearly 3 years. Ideas have been floating as thoughts which and vie wanted to turn into words on paper, mainly to keep a chronicle on what is happening in ‘my real estate’ world. Sometimes I would pick up pen early morning but most of the time I’d been thinking about it when I’m in my own mind, I’m my own space and present with my own thoughts, and that’s a luxury because even when I’m hanging up washing I’m thinking of everything except hanging up the washing.As a small girl loved stationary so have always been into writing lists, having a bias for action I know I need to write goals down to help materialise them but for whatever reason I’ve let my idea of ‘blog’ come up and then just push it away again most probably because it requires effort concentrated hard effort. But the pull has won and I have written the goal on paper for 2017. What I’ve lea...

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