April 2017

This month my favourite sale has been a small block of land to a young woman and I wondered why this brought me more happiness or sense of pride than a waterfront result. Is it because I am raising three young women and one of my hopes for them is independent financial freedom..? partially yes but I’ve decided it wouldn’t have mattered male or female or her age it was actually her can do attitude, while those around her could quietly erode her desire and her determination she went against the status quo and did what others don’t and because of that in years to follow she will not say “I should have..” She knows that we need to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves such as the first home owners grant, as they say opportunity knock’s but we must open the door…

This young girl is not just dreaming about what if, could I, should I, she has acted out her goal. And her goal has come to life because of the consistent disciplined activity that she practises each day to make it happen. Examples such as taking he lunch to work, car-pooling, considering purchases for 30 days before spontaneous “buying” all seem easy to do, but here’s the thing they are also easy not to do. She has mastered the small details in her life and this is where success starts, it doesn’t come from some cataclysmic single event and either does failure but by her mastering these small disciplines she moves closer to a life of achievement.

And a little of me from the month that was:

My favourite moment this month;

I love Easter for its tradition and new life, this year I gave up salt n vinegar chips, I don’t know why, usually I’m more sensible and choose something like cheese which I never have more than a passing interest in.. but this year salt n vinegar chips really challenged me, the power of denial..!! (That’s actually not my point) This Easter the highlight for me was swimming in Lake Mulwala in the early hours of Good Friday. In one direction I would see the full moon slowly fading and then after a catch of the breath, a chat to the birds a check of the goggles I would change direction and watch the sun rise. We find ourselves paying for events and experiences yet the best moments are most often the ‘free’ moments.

I’m reading for fun; “Big Little Lies”, easy, fun and enjoyable, I’m chasing the series if anybody knows how to get it. (Pls)

I’m reading for work; “The Checklist Manifesto”.   6/10 the questions is to list or not to list..? Me, I’m a lister, ever since I was little and if nothing else this book authenticates the lister especially for pilots and doctors, it wasn’t completely relevant to my ordinary life but did suggest that lists can make us as smart as possible every step of the way – I suppose whatever helps ?? On reflection Scratch 6/10 was more like a 3/10.

Favourite food – Mr Wongs shaved crab fried rice, amazing food and in a French inspired building with exposed bricks was something special.

My Favourite quote:      “It’s what you can’t see that matters” author unknown

And finally to my Melbourne follower (s) he knows who he is, please note I did engage spellcheck this time and berated my editor..!!