December 2017

At this time of year it can feel like we are all scrambling to the finish line, for me I have just got accustomed to writing 2017 and now need to re wire myself to not just write the numerals 2018 but plan my 2018 goals, 2018 team goals and 2018 family goals.  Life is moving so fast these days, that now more than ever before it’s important to embrace the festive season as a time to slow down, to be reflective and to gather family and friends around to spread some love and fun.
Writing a Christmas letter to share with all our clients is a little tradition for me and actually it’s not the act of writing but it’s the process of re reading the previous 9 letters, it evokes emotions as I remember key moments from the past.  The years always bring doses of awe, sadness and elation as we remember local news, particular sales that we enjoyed, celebrations within our team, the learning and the growing that we do, the speed at which we bounce back and re set or just that shared experience of our first sip of coffee (after we have completed a power hour) that makes us feel like superman* (ref J.Bourke).  This year I went back to our team to ask them what their inspiring reasons to celebrate 2017 have been and what the best thing that happened to them whilst with their ‘work’ family.

  • Returning from maternuty leave back to adult conversation - E.S
  • Our "Why" workshop - D.K
  • Finiahsed my Real Estate Course - S.D
  • Continued my learning through development training - M.W
  • Selling and achieving growth goals - N.D
  • We achieved our Property Management target/goal - N.M
  • Record $2M Sale - C.G

In the Real Estate market this year we have observed it being hyperlocal, seasonal and temperamental; in other words it changed from day to day. For the first time in 9 years we were looking for land to sell, we observed record $2million price point results in Bundalong and on the Murray valley highway.  And then we appreciated small blessings when we sold a little unit after many years for $152,000.  We watched our property management vacancy rate rise to over 2% and then now it sits below 1.4% with many of our properties tenanted before hitting the market.  Our time on market at First National has decreased to an average of 57 days.  Our team have been laser focused on doing what we say we do every day, the discipline has increased and record results have been achieved for our clients.  Our team spirit strengthened whilst completing workshops on finding our work “why”.  This culminated in creating our team vision: “our educated, energised team consistently add value to clients with integrity, professionalism and passion.” 
Now to all of you; we wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and happy holidays, we hope they are filled with joy and laughter, we thank you for your continued business and loyalty, we are grateful for the connections we make, we love what we do and we are committed to you before, during and after the transactions we complete together.  May 2018 bring great health, happiness and prosperity for you all.

Danielle Kennedy and the team at O’Meara Kennedy First National Real Estate