December 2018

It is the most wonderful time of the year, where we enjoy too many Christmas carols, shopping for gift giving, writing Christmas cards, decorating trees with our children’s art work attempts, over indulging in food and egg nog but most importantly it is the best time of the year to be fulfilled with the relationships, love and kindness of our nearest and dearest. For me it’s all of this plus a good fiction book!

During 2018 our team focused on our max - acts and that we all have the capacity to make each day a masterpiece. We recognized that time is the new currency, our clients are busy, we are busy so we made time management a priority and simply put we decided that our intention is always to “be there” where ever this is to fully engage, physically, mentally and emotionally in the moment, the conversation or the activity. While we are at work its work, while at home it is reserved for family. This commitment to our clients, our team and our families has seen another year of growth both professionally and individually, both through results in the office but also in the assurance we are living balanced lives.

Behind the scenes our team have together embraced change, accepting and having faith that these changes make us grow. We welcomed two new recruits, Nadine Lee our sales secretary who works behind the scenes to make things happen seamlessly & Grace Thomson is being guided into sales and proving to be humble but hungry for her exciting new career. Other changes included an office renovation over a record 7 days transforming our work space into a place that just feels good (and we now have cupboards to hide ‘stuff’). Another highlight has been “OKFN turns 10”, mostly because it gave me and the team the time to reflect on where we have been. It sparked memories buried deep, but also allowed me to pause and inventory my blessings, I recognized that we have learnt from failures, we have grown more because of them, and we are continuing to advance further because of our 10 year experiences. I’m grateful that 10 years ago and still today we are hungry to learn more and push harder to be the best we can be so we can be our best for our clients.

The year has come quickly to an end we are drained but happy because we’ve earnt and deserved a Christmas break. And we look forward to the next 12 months with excitement as we push to reach new heights. So to all of our clients past, present and those to join us in the future surround yourselves with Christmas cheer, let’s all fully engage in the holiday season, physically and mentally, know that the moments matter and the Christmas spirit makes magic happen.