June 2017

Moving House

Last month’s writing of the blog has paused... My topic ‘moving house’ has not been jumping off the pages, and it should because we have just moved house..! I’m thinking now that my powerful mind has subconsciously buried the experience in the hope of self-preservation. And is making it very difficult for me to put pen to paper. I have made attempts on scrap paper several times and have felt the job is insurmountable, it’s easy to prioritise it down the ladder & to make excuses and then justify those excuses….However after a lot of wasted energy I come up with the same conclusion that somewhere deep I have as we you have a compulsion for closure. The feeling of this incomplete job is stressful and it takes more energy shortcutting it than completing it. Your mind continually wonders back to it and it becomes distracting and stops the ability of you working on the next great task. So today, the solution is to start the task and stay with it until it’s complete. My award; inner relief and a good night sleep.

The words ‘moving house’ brings with it boxes full of stuff and with that a whole set of emotions. The excitement of change can outweigh the anxiety of packing a house and the anticipation of hard work ahead. Our team should be experts on this topic because of the several hundred conversations we have with our buyers and sellers daily. There suggestions include: “pack each room completely and close the door. (This becomes difficult with four children that still need their rooms to sleep, dress and play in..!) label boxes, use clear boxes, have a box (or ten) for miscellaneous, donate anything you have not used for 12 months, put everything on buy swap and sell, hire Byrne removalists to do it and on and on we hear.” All reasonable suggestions, but after a recent move ourselves my number 1 survival tip is based on my mental health and that its: I encourage you to focus on something ahead that excites you so when you’re making the seven hundredth and seventy seventh decision; should you throw, should you keep, should you donate. You can close your eyes and picture yourself by that scheduled event. So in finishing just do it, however you can and know that the payoff for completing the job is immediate increase of energy, enthusiasm, self-esteem and whole box of relief. & a little bit about the month that was;

What I am reading for leisure; “Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdich. This is action packed set in Japan, with the female heroine displaying strength and courage and of course with a little bit of love on the side..!

What I am reading for learning: Dave Andersons book, “Up your business”. A simple and truthful account of how to grow your business to be better. His mantra being ‘the results your getting, are the results you should be getting, if you want a different result you must change what you are doing, there is no prize without the price..!

My favourite moment: a three generational trip to Sydney with my mum and Micaela, our 15 year old daughter. The conversation was so diverse, and interesting with different perspectives, yet our thinking and our values are so similar.

My favourite food; Haigh’s Chocolate, more specifically; caramel chocs and peppermint pastilles. My mouth is salivating now, good thing we can only get them in the cities.!

My favourite quote; “Im not a political figure, nor do I want to be, but I come with my heart.” Princess Di,

Most reflective moment; This month we spent a day at the farm with family, making damper and cooking a camp oven. Just sitting watching filled my bucket..and strengthened the soul.