March 2017

I’ve been talking to myself about ‘blogging’ for nearly 3 years. Ideas have been floating as thoughts which and vie wanted to turn into words on paper, mainly to keep a chronicle on what is happening in ‘my real estate’ world. Sometimes I would pick up pen early morning but most of the time I’d been thinking about it when I’m in my own mind, I’m my own space and present with my own thoughts, and that’s a luxury because even when I’m hanging up washing I’m thinking of everything except hanging up the washing.
As a small girl loved stationary so have always been into writing lists, having a bias for action I know I need to write goals down to help materialise them but for whatever reason I’ve let my idea of ‘blog’ come up and then just push it away again most probably because it requires effort concentrated hard effort. But the pull has won and I have written the goal on paper for 2017. What I’ve learnt and observed that on the journey to a goal it cannot not then be like a Sunday drive, we need to be specific and set it in our ‘mind’s eye’ then with effort and more effort we will propel forward on the journey. Every day I talk to people about selling their home. Our homes are all about “us” our dreams, financial goals, security and prosperity and I always ask what’s their goal, their intention? Usually they come up blank or with a vague response. Most often it’s a decision made with little future thinking, so I walk out and wonder if the universe will propel them forward to the next chapter if know one knows what that is yet?? But what if you went to work on your goals. If you could be inspired by them and you could describe and design your next home your next future wouldn’t this be more powerful. As Abraham Lincoln said “Your imagination is the preview to your future.” After you have answered these questions within yourself then ask us to come and help you get the best price in today’s market. You employ us to facilitate the sale but its your clear intention and plan that allows you to move forward on your life’s journey. We will help set an action plan which will;
1. Assess market and determine the right time to list
2. Research local sales, history on similar properties
3. Set price expectations to match market demand
4 And pay attention to property presentation to attract right buyer interest
5. Appoint/employ a trusted agent to advise you.What am I reading for leisure: ”The Jackie O handbook”, I’ve just recently purchased some “Jackie O” satin gloves... not sure what for yet maybe the races?
What am I reading for leaning: Simon Sinek “Start with Why’ His new in the book world but huge hit on TED Talk- (if u prefer audio google ted talk and listen to him)
My favourite moment in March – winning set at Euroa tennis competition 6/5 in tie breaker with injured team mate ”epic battle”
My Favourite food: mmm… Mums pear and fetta salad. Email me if would like recipe, she will share.
My favourite quote this month; A star wants to see himself rise to the top a leader wants to see those around him become stars; author? Unsure?
Most reflective moment in March; at the funeral of 102 year old grand lady, I listened to her children speak with joy and love and fondness I couldn’t help but want to be her friend, she has left our world but won so many hearts. On a side note when I first met her she was 100 and I asked if I could touch her because id never been in the room or touched a centurion before I won’t forget it..!!Happy real estate see you next month…