March 2018

“Intergenerational living” – The new buzz

There’s been a tonne of research on this and the results are actually incredible…. There’s the practical benefits which include shared finance and shared jobs (though in our experience the shared is a little off kilter toward mum and dad) then there is the “wisdom” I mean can you imagine living with adults that have had a lifetime of experience in everything from raising children, then teenagers, to work, to cooking, to travel versus us that are relying on our own limited knowledge of raising a 4, 11, 14 + 15 year old….Well, here our family is, 3 months in and at first I admit we have all enjoyed the novelty of it, but I wonder how mum n dad spend their first 5 mins of their time as we tornado out of the front door. Are they holding onto the bench for dear life or just flaked out on the couch exhausted from the 6 different conversations between breakfast, the cooking of the ‘eggs and dippers’ or the frustration of trying to confirm the dinner numbers...
As the months past we have learnt to adjust to the rhythms of each other’s lives and appreciate this is our new norm. Especially those childhood smells that waft through the house, the shared household jobs but for me it’s the mother/daughter hug that can fix pretty much anything. I’ve probably relied on intergenerational living (mum and dad) way too much and I’m certain they are worried how and what we will feed the children seeing though I have not been in a supermarket for a long time, but mum know that a lot of love and Maggi noodles with green beans will prevail.

My love list this month;

Never Eat alone is a book that shares the importance of networking but with a bias for giving out without expectation. It gives practical information on the importance of connections and the fulfilment that can be achieved. This book also directed me to a terrific TED talk by Brene Brown- worth a listen also. 10/10 book and 10/10 ted talk.
For leisure I’ve been pulled back into the world of suduko, its been like re connecting with a long lost friend, I search for time out to test my level, also love a little help from Mia when we jump into bed -it blanks my mind relaxes me before sleep.
Favourite Food: the almond croissant from the “blacksmith’- feels like I’m eating out of a bakery in Brunswick St only better I am overlooking Lake Mulwala.
Most Memorable Moment; What I’m learning (again) from living with mum and dad is that they are always doing beyond whats expected, things that not really their job or responsibility but they do it anyway with no strings attached, they don’t mention it either. Good lesson for all of us “extend ourselves to benefit others”