May 2017

Political correctness –hurtful or harmful?

Maybe always, maybe just now because my eyes are wide open but political correctness is creeping in everywhere, even into my world at home and my world of real estate.  Way back when our real estate careers started – Wayno Kennedy (pop) who rides high on my most admired list and I headed off to a home that literally had the floor moving with mess and mice.  And Wayno told them it was a mess and left quickly and I remember thinking we can’t say that and had this overwhelming want to soften the ‘blow’ with an alternative approach – but retrospectively why…? Why now do we have a need to rationalise, sugar coat and avoid offending people..? Is it to seek harmony over the truth?  This occurred again recently after a parent teacher interview whereby my girls and I sat and listened to their teacher tell us that effort and enthusiasm were great so let’s celebrate, - but driving home our harmonious trip soon turned sour after I mentioned it’s important to also recognise the truth, that realistically you are not at the standard you need to be.  It’s not that I’ll leave them hanging with just that, I am here to help I’m in the trenches with them happy to help find solutions but let’s be real, let’s see where we are at and where we need to set our sail to improve.  After continuing the conversation I realised that the truth is simple, it’s not easy and it can hurt but it’s not harmful.  And really it’s not our role to be politically correct and tell them what they want to hear but rather what they need to hear.
It seems to me people are looking to those who will share the truth with them.  So know when you engage our team to value your home, we will give you the truth, we will give you the fair market price in today’s market, and we will share how to get the best result.  But with every promise there is a price to pay which will include a whole lot of sweat equity from you but the results will be more than financial gain they will give you what money can’t buy a sense of achievement and pride to pass on your home to the next family to the next person with integrity. 
I’m reading for fun-; Harry Potter – bits and pieces of all 7 books…..After watching a few Saturday evening re runs with the family I’ve slipped back into the world of Pottermore… and it’s a nice place to be.!! It brings back memories of where and when I was reading the books when first published and waiting impatiently with nana, mum and my sister for the next instalment.  Ps For fellow potter lovers I’ve heard whispers there will be a Harry Potter and the philosophers Stone concert live in symphony in November 2017.
I’m reading for work; Simon Sinek, why leaders eat last.  Easy to read and enlightening about the importance of trust within our working environment and the benefit of looking after those to the left and to the right of us in our teams.  His catch cry -  “Together is better”
Favourite food; not much this month I’ve started the 10 week challenge at Focus and have sacrificed my eggs on sour dough bread each morning…! Some give up lollies, chocolate and hot chips but me just bread.!! Oh and salt n vinegar chips..!!
My favourite quote
“Sharing makes you bigger than you are.  The more you pour out, the more life will be able to pour in..”
 Jim Rohn

My favourite moment:
This month I attended a friend’s art show to raise money for a cause close to her heart.    The night was successful, not to confuse that with financial success, regardless of the amount of money raised what made this night a success was the time and effort put into the evening. And what moved me most was that those there bought her effort, we bought her love and bought her cause.  We respond to the environments we are put in and that night we were put into an environment, full of effort and time and energy and with the added bonus of some good food, good wine (albeit a terrible auctioneering experiencing) the old adage ‘give and you will receive” rang true in the old shearing shed that night..
And finally to my editor/sister – you’re fired on the basis you do not read my blogs..!!