October 2017

“Time” - the great equalizer

I thought this was a fitting topic this month based on the fact there are many vce students finishing off their exams.  This time of year takes me back to those moments in time when I believed I had all the time in the world to carve out my personal success story, there’s always next week to study, next month because you believe there is so much time ahead and sometimes we unwittingly squander the present moment and use it for entertaining ourselves rather than for preparing ourselves.  But thankfully age brings wisdom that says we must pause frequently to remind ourselves that time is the great equaliser, and it offers opportunity for those who want to take it but demands a sense of urgency.  The clock is ticking.  And if moving home is what you want to do, act now, I listen to people wanting a foolproof opportunity to appear before they act but real estate is about timing just as much as dollars and we cannot allow ourselves to dwell on every risk, instead concentrate on capturing a mental picture of your future and allow us to do what we do every day.  Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for you financially and emotionally as you go on the journey of moving homes.  Remembering today is yesterday’s tomorrow...
My love list this month;
Unstoppable by Dave Anderson, this book concentrates on mindset and for me it was an immediate guide because it had ‘mission’/exercises at the end of each chapter to follow through with, he makes the comment that the book is not for entertainment, but for improving yourself and to do so you need to make change to get you from here to there..!!  I resonate with his philosophy of ‘sowing and reaping’ ‘earn and deserve’.  Simply said get busy doing the right actions every day.
For leisure I read the 5 love languages, the author was a marriage councillor for over 30 years before writing it and says there are 5 love languages; words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch.  It allowed me to label people so I can understand them a little better and what they best respond too.  There is a small quiz at the back to determine your partners and your own love language which helps determine exactly your preference and helps in empathising and strengthening relationships when you know your partners. 
Favourite food; Nans famous mulberry pie, made with freshly picked mulberries from the farm.  Stained fingers and stained t shirts still make this delicious pie worthwhile. Its appeal is heightened because it’s only made once a year when mulberries are in season, oh and of course is made with love!  Ps: always add cream…!!  Pps: thanks Kaeza
Most Memorable moment;
Living between homes at the moment we are getting to enjoy the luxury of FOXTEL or foxtail as our children refer to it..!  And on one channel we watched part of a documentary that showed a travelling hairdresser offering his skills to cut homeless peoples hair.  He comments that just a haircut can raise self-esteem and give a little dignity to somebody.  And as they say “As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.”