September 2017

I’ve always gravitated towards the ocean, not to live but at different times of the year I crave it, that feeling of diving into a wave and then the force lifts you right up with a jump, maybe its just the salt water or maybe its because I’ve always associated the beach with a holiday. And on holidays everything seems a little brighter, my eyes are little wider and my pace a little slower. As we move into spring/summer we see these same glassy eyed, holiday makers visit or return to our towns for a much needed break, because our special town offers a comfortable, relaxed vibe with a heart for fun. This along with our sunshine brings people up here in droves, looking for the ultimate holiday house or dreaming about the ultimate goal to move and enjoy the wonderful liveability of our towns. One such buyer comes to mind this month who has bought a holiday house and I’m fascinated by this recent sale because this property sold within 2 days and for the full asking price & what’s also fascinating 5 years ago we sold it for more than the asking price and also in 2 days.   Why? I have contemplated this property knowing that if we could emulate what it has, we would have happily sold vendors every day! And what I’ve concluded is that this home is comfortable yet timeless, it can accommodate the rigors of daily life yet it has attention to detail with its positioning of trees and garden hedges. It makes people feel like they can leave the external world behind them and feel cosy in their sanctuary. And isn’t that what we all need, an escape hatch from our busy lives. And when asked our buyers “why this home,” they answered like 99% of all our byers, “it feels right.” And that’s exactly why people buy houses, based on how it makes them feel.

My Favourite book: This month the books I’ve read combine leisure and learning- seems stupid sentence since all books allow us to explore new territory and present us with exciting new thinking. And that is exactly what this book did for me “man’s search for meaning by Victor E Frankl literally changed the way I viewed the Holocaust. This personal experience of survival in concentration camps would wake me in the night and disturb my sense of calm and at this time of night it occurred to me that the irony is that those captured and living in camps only had comfort in the few hours they had of sleep. Victor E Frankl touches on the importance of having a compelling why and the power of our mindset. He discusses that there is no blanket evil or blanket good in one group of people but it can be found on both sides of the fence.

My favourite moment: running to the top of Byron’s Light house gasping for air but then feeling the sun rise and searching the ocean to be the first to sight a whale.


My favourite food; the Portuguese custard tart form “three blue Ducks, it was sweet but tangy, like a lemon tart but not- I have no words... except that I cannot wait to re visit and enjoy another!


My favourite quote; the quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, no matter what their chosen field. –Vince Lombardi (ps I relate to the quote because I’m always telling my girls that what ever they do, even if it is hanging up the washing or the dishes they may as well do it with excellence because they have to do it anyway..!!)


Most reflective moment; enjoying holidays makes us all a little more reflective because time slows down and that for me was the greatest moment just enjoying the longer days.